Oprah Winfrey Sells A Portion Of Weight Watchers Stock For Philanthropic Efforts And To Diversify Her Investment Portfolio

LOS ANGELES, March 6, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Oprah Winfrey, a Weight Watchers board member, adviser and spokesperson, announced today that she has exercised a portion of her options and sold a portion of her holdings in the company. A portion of the shares were donated to her foundation, which supports a variety of philanthropic efforts. She retains over 75% of her holdings in the company and will not sell additional shares this year.

The sale is part of a normal diversification of her investment portfolio. Winfrey continues to be a significant shareholder in Weight Watchers and she is continuing in her role as board member, adviser and spokesperson bringing her insight, knowledge and expertise to the company's present and future products and programs.

"I am deeply committed to Weight Watchers and continue to see a bright future for the company," said Winfrey. "I believe in Weight Watchers and I'm inspired every day by the millions of people around the world who are leading healthier and more fulfilling lives."

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