Sheryl Sandberg says she 'will not rest' until women run half the world's countries and companies

Key Points
  • Sheryl Sandberg: 'We won't rest' until women run half the world's countries and companies.
  • Facebook COO marks fifth anniversary of launching the "Lean In" book and movement, which has spawned 35,000 support groups in 162 countries.
Chief Operating Officer, Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg
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Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg says she and others like her "will not rest" until women run half the world's countries and corporations.

"We need to change the balance of power," Sandberg said in a Facebook post marking the fifth anniversary of her book "Lean In," which she said has spawned 35,000 support groups for women in 162 countries.

"An equal world will be one where women run half our countries and companies and men run half our homes. We will not rest until we reach that goal," Sandberg wrote in the post.

Sandberg said in the post that the goal is still far off.

"Women were nowhere near equality in 2013 and we are nowhere near equality now — and that's especially true for women of color. On many measures — the pay gap, the number of women in Congress or running companies or countries — progress has been incremental at best."

Sandberg, whose husband, Dave Goldberg, died in May 2015, also wrote that "it feels like Lean In was written a lifetime ago."

Since the book was published, Facebook has faced a barrage of criticism for allowing harmful content on its site, including hate speech, violence, illegal opioid marketing, child exploitation and misinformation from Russian propaganda farms seeking to influence the 2016 U.S. election.