Queen Elizabeth II has made an amazing $9 million from her side hustle

Even the British royal family does its best to save money - here's how
Even the British royal family does its best to save money - here's how

Queen Elizabeth II has a lucrative side hustle: horse racing. Over the past 30 years, the pastime has earned her $9,372,441, reports USA Today, citing data from

According to the site's report, the Queen has claimed 452 wins out of 2,834 races, about 16 percent. Her best year was 2016, when her earnings totaled $775,325. One of her most significant wins came in 2013, when her horse Estimate won the Gold Cup at Ascot. It was the first time a reigning monarch had won the race.

She is off to a slow start this year, though: She hasn't collected any wins yet.

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That side-income makes up a decent chunk of her personal wealth of $530 million. When you consider the value of the entire British Royal Family, though, which is $95 billion by Brand Finance's estimate, it's less significant. That valuation takes into account concrete assets, such the 830,000-square-foot Buckingham Palace, and the family's extensive art collection, as well as more abstract assets such as the value of the royal brand.

Still, the Queen has been known to save by cutting costs when she can.

For instance, she re-uses outfits. As Express reports, "In 2013 she wore the same pink coat and hat for no fewer than four official engagements in the same year and in 2011 the primrose yellow outfit that Her Majesty wore to William and Kate's wedding six months earlier was then recycled for a subsequent tour of Australia."

She is conscious of energy costs, too. According to the Financial Times, in 2011 she posted warning signs around her 775-room palace that read: "The attention is drawn of all members of staff to the need to switch off unwanted lights. By Order of The Master of The Household." According to one of her employees, she often took the task upon herself and roamed the halls flicking switches.

But it's likely that horse racing is more of a passion than a way to earn some extra cash. The Queen has reportedly loved horses since she was young. According to The Telegraph, she has been riding since she was just four years old when she was given a Shetland pony named Peggy. And, at age 91, she reportedly still rides.

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