This Wall Street billionaire turned his $25 million Gulfstream into a high tech trading desk

This Wall Street billionaire turned his $25 million Gulfstream into a high...

When it came time to renovate his outdated private jet, a billionaire stock trader had his Gulfstream 550 gutted and transformed to look like his Manhattan office — complete with a 42-inch TV and an $85,000 custom trading desk with dual monitors.

You can see the $25 million aircraft's complete transformation on a new episode of CNBC's "Secret Lives of the Super Rich."

International Jet Interiors

"Our client [is] able to trade in real time, from his desk in the sky, at lightning speed," says Eric Roth, president of International Jet Interiors in Ronkonkoma, New York, which revamped the plane.

Lightning-speed trading can occur midflight because the Wall Street executive had Roth install special satellite communications hardware for high-speed Internet.

But it didn't come cheap: Roth tells "Secret Lives of the Super Rich" the client spent $100,000 for the equipment.


"At 40,000 feet you're trading stocks. You're not missing a moment of productivity," Roth says.

But it's not all about work. For example, the custom Italian leather seats were inspired by a coat the financier's wife bought during a trip to Milan, Italy.


"She just loved the color and they asked us to duplicate the color of the coat for the seats," Roth explains. "These chairs are probably about $45,000 each and there's five of them."


And when the busy Wall Street exec wants to take a break from stock trading, he can relax in his G5's refurbished lounge area with the big-screen TV.


For overnight flights, there's even a king-size bed on board.


To respect his client's privacy, Roth would not reveal to CNBC his client's name or the company he works for. However, Roth did give a hint on how much he spent to remodel the plane. The trader could have bought over 14,000 shares of Apple (at its $178.44 closing price on Wednesday) with the money he spent on the renovations.

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