Facebook is opening up ways for video creators to make money

Key Points
  • Facebook is testing monthly subscription plans and connect advertisers for branded content opportunities with its video creators.
  • The monetization options could potentially lure more creators away from YouTube.
Mark Zuckerberg
David Ramos | Getty Images

Facebook is making it easier for video creators to make money on its platform, further luring them away from competitors like YouTube.

The company announced in a blog post on Monday that it's rolling out a paid subscription feature and ways for advertisers find sponsorship opportunities for its creators over the next few months. The tests will begin with a small group before expanding widely.

"As creators spend more time making content and engaging with their fans, they want to be able to earn money for their work," Fidji Simo, vice president of product and Sibyl Goldman, director of entertainment partnerships, wrote. "We plan to offer a range of monetization options to serve the wide range of creators at various stages of their journeys."

Currently Facebook video creators can include sponsored content, and ad breaks are included in for some creators making shows for premium video section Watch.

The new options will give viewers a way to pay creators monthly for additional content, including more exclusive clips and a badge to show they are a "supporter." In addition, a new feature will help connect companies and video creators for branded content. Creators will be able to create a portfolio showing off what kinds of content they can make, and advertisers can search and find a right fit.

Other updates for creators include a system for them to to manage content rights, a way to designate top fans and an expansion of the Facebook Creator app for Android users.

The move happens as YouTube is cracking down on who can advertising revenue on its platform over quality issues.