Quinsam Appoints Keith Li as CFO


TORONTO, March 19, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Quinsam Capital Corporation (CSE:QCA) ("Quinsam" or the "Company") is pleased to announce that Mr. Keith Li has been appointed CFO of the Company. Mr. Li has over 10 years of experiences in both public accounting and the private sector, specializing in audit and assurance, corporate accounting, financial reporting and regulatory compliance. Prior to joining Quinsam, Mr. Li held the position of Manager of External Reporting with Sears Canada Inc., overseeing the external reporting functions of the company. Mr. Li holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Finance from McGill University, and has been a CPA, CA since 2012.

Mr. Bryan Knebel has resigned as CFO. “We thank Bryan for his dedicated service to Quinsam over the years,” said Roger Dent, CEO of Quinsam. “With the recent increases in our company’s level of activity, Bryan was not able to continue to perform his other activities while continuing to act as CFO for Quinsam. Bryan has been most helpful in providing us with good advice during his tenure and facilitating an orderly transition.”

Option Awards

The Board of Directors of Quinsam has approved the award of options to a number of its directors and officers. The options will have an exercise price of $0.60 per share (in line with the recent equity issue), will expire on March 18, 2023 and will vest over a period of three years. The option awards are as follows: Roger Dent 1,500,000, Peter Bilodeau 300,000, Eric Szustak 300,000, Adam Szweras 200,000, Ross Geddes 100,000, Tony Roodenburg 100,000 and Terry Booth 100,000.

About Quinsam Capital Corporation

Quinsam is a merchant bank based in Canada that is focusing on cannabis-related investments. Our merchant banking business may encompass a range of activities including acquisitions, advisory services, lending activities and portfolio investments. Quinsam invests its capital for its own account in assets, companies or projects which we believe are undervalued and where we see a viable plan for unlocking such value. We do not invest on behalf of any third party and we do not offer investment advice.

Generally, Quinsam does not believe that individual investments are material reportable events. Quinsam chooses to announce certain investments once the company is certain that it has finished buying its position because the Company feels that this information helps Quinsam’s investors understand its investment decision making process. Generally, Quinsam does not announce the sale of investments.

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