This $38 million LA mansion has a $450,000 speaker system and was designed by Lenny Kravitz—take a look inside

This $38 million LA mansion has interiors designed by Lenny Kravitz

Known for hits like "Fly Away" and "American Woman," Lenny Kravitz has forged a solid career in rock music.

The singer has also begun to make a name for himself in the interior design world with his eponymously-named firm. The developers for one Los Angeles house hired Kravitz Design to give this $38 million mansion the rockstar treatment, as featured on a recent episode of CNBC's "Secret Lives of the Super Rich."

Williams & Williams Estates

The Hollywood Hills home reflects Kravitz's rock and roll background and comes almost fully furnished, so interested parties can keep the home's exquisite layout as-is. That includes a $50,000 custom-built handmade couch designed by Kravitz himself.

You're bound to feel like royalty here. "You're in god mode when you're on this property," Branden Williams, co-developer of the property and agent at real estate firm Williams & Williams, tells CNBC.

A piece of solid bronze artwork worth $1.4 million sits in the "gentlemen's lounge" next to a leather chair and stuffed peacock. "This is the room where you come to hang out, pour yourself a whisky-scotch and play a little chess," Williams says.

Williams & Williams Estates

That's not the only place to relax. The home's mega-lounge includes a 200-inch video wall, $450,000 high-end speaker system, fireplace and collection of couches designed for leisure.

Kravitz and team "wanted to make furniture you could also dance on," Williams says. "You can sit, you can lay, you can roll. It's gotta be fun. It's gotta be sexy."

Upstairs, the glass-walled master suite features endless views of the city below. A single button pops a television out from the ceiling and a crackling fireplace burns in the corner.

Williams & Williams Estates

The backyard pool is flanked by a line of misters to help you keep cool during California summers. A $1.5 million system seamlessly slides the glass walls of the living room open and close to bring the sunshine inside anytime.

Even the pool is outfitted with a state-of-the-art speaker system, so you can crank up Kravitz's hits while lounging by the water. In cooler months, the 12-person Jacuzzi provides an ideal way to warm up.

A 12,000-pound granite fire rock keeps flames roaring at all times, so you'll never feel chilly while hanging outside.

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