Billionaire John Paul DeJoria's motorcycle collection includes a $20,000 BMW and a chopper that runs on Patron

John Paul DeJoria's custom motorcycle was built to run on Patron tequila

Inside John Paul DeJoria's Austin, Texas-based garage, you'll find a $200,000 Ferrari and a customized $550,000 Lamborghini. But those belong to his wife, Eloise.

The billionaire founder of Patron Spirits Co. and John Paul Mitchell Systems prefers to ride on two wheels, as evidenced by his motorcycle collection, which he shared with CNBC on a recent episode of "Secret Lives of the Super Rich."

"This is one of the newer Indian motorcycles," DeJoria says, motioning to a sleek black bike with leather seats and silver trim. "It's one of the best motorcycles ever made."

It's a 2018 Indian Chieftain Dark Horse worth between $20,000 and $25,000. "It's a real cruiser," he says. "It's really comfortable for long rides."

A 2010 BMW-Sidecar model worth an estimated $20,000 sits at the back of the garage. The bike features a fierce face bearing long rows of sharp teeth, which DeJoria describes as "fun."


Another chopper, a 2004 Harley-Davidson worth between $4,000 and $5,000, was custom built for the billionaire. The black seat is contrasted by silver piping below. "It's really down home," DeJoria says. "It's low, lean and cool."

But one bike stands out as a favorite: A 2008-2009 Arlen Ness & Victory model plastered with green flames. Nicknamed "The Patron Bike," the chopper earns its title: The carburetion was re-calibrated so it will run off Patron tequila or gasoline.


"I've never filled it all the way up with Patron," DeJoria admits. "That would be a very expensive fill!"


He's right: For a full tank, it would take approximately $1,200 worth of the tequila.


When the bike brakes, it lights up with a message: "powered by Patron."

DeJoria sold his 70 percent stake in the tequila business to Bacardi Limited in a $5.1 billion deal in January, according to Forbes. He's currently worth an estimated $3.4 billion.

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