Clio Health Appoints Steve Dailey as CEO to Drive a Patient-Centric Health and Wellness Experience

  • Clio Health appoints IT, supply chain, and healthcare leader Steve Dailey as its new CEO
  • Clio Health is an all-in-one health campus, connected care platform, and integrated technology service that can be accessed via a patient’s home, work, or Clio’s campus in Lancaster, PA
  • Dailey will drive Clio’s efforts to help patients take control of their health and wellness

LANCASTER, Pa., April 04, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, Clio Health officially announced the appointment of Steve Dailey as its new CEO. The announcement comes following Dailey’s completion of a 90-day on-boarding process that began on January 1, 2018. Dailey joins Clio Health with more than 25 years of experience in leadership positions across global IT business units and startups. In his role as Clio Health’s CEO, he will lead a joint task force focused on Clio’s precision medicine services; execute the strategic business plan to implementation on or before September 1, 2019; and liaise with investors, financing partners and leaders in the community.

Clio Health aims to transform healthcare and disrupt the status quo with an innovative health campus that provides an all-in-one connected care platform and integrated technology service that patients can access at the campus, at work, or at home. By empowering patients with technologies that individualize treatment and improve access to care, Clio Health seeks to deliver a patient-centric health experience that can be reproduced in other locations across the U.S. This patient-centric approach is one of the key tenets of precision medicine, which tailors healthcare to fit each individual – an approach being utilized heavily by Clio Health’s parent company, Aspire Ventures.

“As the healthcare market has shifted in the last two years, and as uncertainty continues to evolve regarding the Affordable Care Act and the impact of technology and contracting on private care opportunities, we continue to see great promise in a technology-enabled healthcare setting,” said Essam Abadir, CEO, Aspire Ventures. “That was the impetus behind the creation of Clio Health, and we’re excited for Steve to draw on his vast expertise in leading global businesses to help establish Clio as an organization paving the way for the future of Americans’ health and wellness.”

In addition to his new role with Clio Health, Dailey is further spearheading the drive to improve the U.S. healthcare experience through his role as CEO of Connexion Health, a company transforming the way we manage, understand, and improve our health through a cutting-edge, AI-powered healthcare assessment kiosk, Connexion. Connexion will play an important role as part of the core technology platform at Clio Health. Before joining Clio Health and Connexion Health, Dailey was EVP of IT services company Computer Aid, and prior to that he was senior vice president of worldwide professional services for Aspen Technologies, a global provider of petroleum supply-chain and engineering software solutions.

“By taking a patient-centric approach to health and wellness, Clio Health has the potential to radically improve not only the way Americans access care, but the degree of personalization of that care,” said Dailey. “I’m thrilled to join a team whose vision is to leverage highly innovative technologies and practices to empower patients to take control of their care. For too long the U.S. healthcare system has marginalized the patient, and my goal is to ensure that Clio Health helps Americans’ health experiences and outcomes become the number one priority.”

In addition to offering invaluable benefits to individual patients, Clio Health will also offer an innovative corporate health program that will let employers dramatically bolster their corporate wellness programs. By opting into Clio Health’s program, self-insured employers can enable their employees to access Clio Health and its services exclusively. This delivers the double benefit of promoting health and wellness across an employer’s workforce while making their organizations more attractive to current and prospective employees.

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About Clio Health
Founded by a team of entrepreneurs and experts in healthcare IT, artificial intelligence, and precision medicine, Clio Health’s first project is a 30-acre connected care health campus being developed in Lancaster, PA that integrates innovation from the ground up to enable an individualized, self-directed health experience that is all about the patient.

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