The 20 jobs people are least likely to leave

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Conventional wisdom holds that people, especially millennials, are doing more job hopping than ever before — but that may not be true.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, an individual holds around 12 jobs during their lifetime, and that figure have not changed dramatically over the past several decades. In fact, in industries like tech and healthcare, workers can be incredibly loyal.

Job site Indeed analyzed millions of resumes posted by U.S. job seekers to find who was most likely and least likely to job hop. For their analysis, Indeed looked at career-switch search rates of the top 300 job titles held by individuals with at least a bachelor's degree.

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They found that workers with these 20 job titles were the least likely to even think about leaving their jobs:

15. Director of human resources (tie)

Career-switch search rate: 43 percent

15. Nurse (tie)

Career-switch search rate: 43 percent

14. Occupational therapist

Career-switch search rate: 42 percent

13. Physician assistant

Career-switch search rate: 41 percent

12. Electrical engineer

Career-switch search rate: 40 percent

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11. Pharmacist (tie)

Career-switch search rate: 38 percent

11. Physical therapist (tie)

Career-switch search rate: 38 percent

10. Design administrator (tie)

Career-switch search rate: 37 percent

10. Speech-language pathologist (tie)

Career-switch search rate: 37 percent

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9. Database administrator (tie)

Career-switch search rate: 35 percent

9. Web developer (tie)

Career-switch search rate: 35 percent

8. Mechanical engineer

Career-switch search rate: 33 percent

7. Licensed practical nurse

Career-switch search rate: 29 percent

6. Software developer

Career-switch search rate: 28 percent

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5. Software engineer

Career-switch search rate: 27 percent

4. Charge nurse (tie)

Career-switch search rate: 25 percent

4. Network engineer (tie)

Career-switch search rate: 25 percent

3. Registered nurse

Career-switch search rate: 23 percent

2. Nurse practitioner

Career-switch search rate: 19 percent

1. Java Developer

Career-switch search rate: 8 percent

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Java developer topped the list as the job in which workers were the least likely to be looking for a career change, with just 8 percent searching for a new role.

Various nursing occupations dominate Indeed's list. Nurse practitioners, registered nurses and practical nurses were among some of the most loyal job titles. One reason so many nurses are dedicated to the profession? They've already invested significant amounts of time and money in becoming a nurse.

Overall, jobs in the tech and healthcare industries experience lower turnover, in part because of high growth and wages. Registered nursing jobs are expected to grow 15 percent between 2016 and 2026, guaranteeing current nurses professional stability. Furthermore, research from the Federal Reserve of St. Louis suggests that industries with higher wages experience higher worker retention rates.

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