Here's where the ultra-rich live around the world

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The number of millionaires and billionaires in the world is growing. In 2017, a new billionaire was minted every two days, and between 2006 and 2016, the number of total millionaires in the world increased 36 percent, bringing the total up to more than 13 million.

Using data from Knight Frank, cost information site graphed where around the world some of these ultra rich — those with more than $500 million in personal wealth — live.

The United States topped the ranking, with nearly 2,000 individuals worth $500 million or more. That's more than four times as many as No. 2 ranked China.

"We separated Hong Kong (320 people) from China for counting purposes," notes, adding: "Even if we combine mainland China with Hong Kong (810 people combined), it still wouldn't be even half of the U.S. number."

Here's the breakdown of the 10 countries with largest population of individuals with more than $500 million in personal wealth:

10. United Kingdom: 220

9. Russia: 220

8. France: 230

7. Switzerland: 250

6. Canada: 270

The five richest billionaires of 2017 all have one thing in common

5. Hong Kong: 320

4. Japan: 390

3. Germany: 430

2. China: 490

1. United States: 1,830

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