Quantum Energy, Inc.’s Board Announces New Director

CHICAGO, April 12, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- On April 12, 2018, the Board of Directors of Quantum (OTC Pink:QEGY), Jeff Mallmes and Andrew J. Kacic, welcome the appointment of William J. Hinz as a director of Quantum. Mr. Hinz brings more than 30 years of executive experience with both publicly held and privately-owned companies. For the past 7 years Mr. Hinz has been focused on the renewable energy industry as CEO/Chairman of Easy Energy, a company focused on converting waste products to nonpolluting fuels such as ethanol, Chairman/CEO of TrailerPro Technologies, designing and manufacturing drag reduction systems for the trucking industry, and in his current position as CEO, Inductance Energy Corporation (“IEC”), designing and manufacturing a revolutionary system to generate electricity and power source without the need of traditional fuels. Mr. Hinz’s experience includes serving as Vice President of Global Repair and Overhaul Operations at AlliedSignal Aerospace Company; President of AlliedSignal Aerospace; President of AlliedSignal's European operations serving aerospace, military, commercial and private aviation for Europe, Africa and the Middle East; Group President of Triumph Aerospace and Industrial Gas Turbines and President and Chief Executive Officer of US Positioning and Managing Director of BIO CAIR Solutions. He later served as Vice President of operations of Northwest Airlines. He served as Chairman or a board member for a variety of other companies focused on product innovation, new company startups and turnarounds of long standing companies with exceptional products in the United States.

Mr. Hinz’s vast business experience and board appointments will be an immeasurable asset to Quantum’s current energy projects and strategic vision.

Other Board of Director Announcements:

  • Effective February 28, 2018, Stanley F. Wilson resigned as a director and officer of Quantum and its subsidiaries.
  • Effective February 24, 2018 Lorne Keith Stemler resigned as a director and officer of Quantum and its subsidiaries.

Quantum is continuing to work on proposed Bakken refinery development projects in Stoughton Saskatchewan, Canada and in North Dakota.

Quantum is an energy focused company with a project emphasis toward refinery development, construction and operations in the United States and Canada, through its subsidiary Dominion Energy Processing Group, Inc.


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