The 5 states that spend the most on students

A science class in Wellsville, New York
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So far this year, teachers in West Virginia, Oklahoma and Kentucky have gone on strike, protesting for higher wages and improved resources for their students.

According to figures from the U.S. Census Bureau, the United States spends $11,392 per student every year. This figure, referred to as per pupil current spending (PPCS), varies dramatically by state. Some states spend over $20,000 per student while others spend less than $7,000.

Here are the five states that spend the most per student:

New York topped the list, spending $59.21 billion on the state's 2,631,532 students in 2017. The empire state spends $21,206 per elementary and secondary school pupil.

Even some smaller student populations fare well. The District of Columbia spends $19,396 on each of its 46,155 students.

New Jersey spends the fifth most — $18,235 per student. For states like New Jersey, spending may be paying off. In New Jersey, 45 percent of adults are college educated, and U.S. News & World Report ranks New Jersey's public education system as the second best in the country.

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