Are Democrats arrogant? Emily's List President Stephanie Schriock doesn't think so

Do college-educated liberals of EMILY's List have an arrogance problem?

Hillary Clinton faced serious blowback when she derided some of Donald Trump's supporters as "deplorable." CNBC's John Harwood spoke with Stephanie Schriock, president of Emily's List, about whether Democratic candidates have problems with being labeled arrogant. Here is an edited excerpt of their conversation.

Harwood: I've heard this year described as the year of the angry white, college-educated woman — and the numbers Democrats among college-educated women are very strong. Do you have any concern that you as an organization, or the Democrats as a party, continue to have a problem with arrogance, with looking down on people elsewhere on the political spectrum

Schriock: I certainly hope not. I've never thought about it that way at all. I mean, I just find that the women candidates that we have running right now — and they are diverse in geography, in race, in profession, in life experience — are the bridges.

You know, our candidates are focusing on understanding their communities and making sure that everybody is heard, which is why I think that there's an interest as well in seeing women run and ultimately get elected.

Because I think we do bring a certain level of, let's bring everybody together in this conversation. I think that's incredibly important. And that is who we are as a Democratic Party. Fifty-nine percent of our Democratic voters are women. And this is a moment where these women candidates can really bring a big change.

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