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Michigan to reportedly work with the UK on rules for self-driving cars

darekm101 | RooM | Getty Images

Michigan is to work with Britain on the development of rules for self-driving cars and technology for smart motorways, the Financial Times reported Monday.

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder has signed a memorandum of understanding with the U.K. Business Minister, Richard Harrington, the report said.

"We need to embrace a broader network," Snyder told the Financial Times in an interview. "The technology itself is being developed in many different places. Britain is a place of core competency in this field."

In March, the U.K. government launched a three year regulatory review of driving laws. Authorities said the review would take place so that the U.K. remained "one of the best places in the world to develop, test and drive self-driving vehicles."

Read the full report on the FT's website here.

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