Here's your chance to see inside a Japanese pod hotel

Inside a Japanese pod hotel

If you're looking for a unique hotel experience, capsule and pod hotels may be the way to go.

A growing number of pod hotels, in which guests sleep in a small area, often encapsulated, are popular in Japan. They're even gaining some ground globally in places like Beijing and London.

CNBC recently experienced a premium pod hotel in the neighborhood of Ginza in Tokyo, Japan.

The Prime Pod usually can run between $40 to $70 per night, and pods there come fully equipped with a television, radio, outlets and a small storage space.

As could be expected, the visit was filled with advanced technology throughout, including toilets which had more than a dozen buttons and features to a cordless iron.

While the trend is becoming popular among backpackers, the concept dates back to when Japanese workers, particularly men, stayed in their offices or went out for dinner and drinking until late at night. With public transit options limited and taxi costs adding up quickly, sleeping in a pod became a viable option.

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