How the Business News Associate Workshop Could Lead to an Interview at CNBC


Business News Associate Workshop at #AAJA18 | Houston | Aug 10

How the Business News Associate Workshop Could Lead to an Interview at CNBC

Christine Wang | CNBC

Applications for the 2018 workshop are closed. If you would like to meet with CNBC at the 2018 AAJA Career Fair on August 9 or 10, please send your resume and contact info to to be considered for an interview.

Our financial futures and livelihoods depend on our ability to earn, save, and spend money. Business journalists cover the institutions that influence our money – markets, business, and government – and report on the real-time data and information that affects our lives.

This summer, the CNBC Business News Associate Workshop will prepare entry-level journalists for new opportunities to jumpstart their journalism careers and connect with CNBC.

Some workshop attendees may be selected at the end of the workshop for an opportunity to interview at CNBC Global Headquarters for the CNBC Business News Associate Program.

What should I expect?

  • A panel of top CNBC professionals describing their roles at the network and sharing the guiding principles and best practices that influence their work as business journalists
  • An interactive, breaking news simulation designed to teach the concepts, skills, and techniques CNBC professionals utilize daily to break down complex information about business, markets, and the economy
  • Individual interviews with CNBC professionals

When and where is the workshop?
The workshop will take place on August 10 at the 2018 AAJA National Convention in Houston, Texas.

Who should apply?
Interested candidates must apply to be invited to attend the workshop. The workshop is targeted toward graduating seniors and recent college graduates. Applicants must be registered for the 2018 AAJA National Convention in Houston, TX (registration subject to verification).

How can I apply?
Applications for the 2018 Business News Associate Workshop are closed.

About the Business News Associates Program

The CNBC Business News Associates Program is an 18 month introductory program designed to give participants real-world news experience. Aspiring journalists with diverse backgrounds rotate thorough a series of assignments in the CNBC Newsroom including working for, working on the CNBC TV Newsdesk and a CNBC live television show.

Participants will be given an opportunity to learn all of the skills of business news production: finding and reporting stories for TV and, writing scripts, producing live segments for air and field producing. In addition, program participants will be assigned a mentor, given structured feedback as well as opportunities to interact with senior news management.

For more information about the Business News Associates Program, please visit: