Tucker Higgins: CNBC Business News Associate

"I'm Tucker Higgins, and I'm a business news associate at CNBC.

I met CNBC through the Business News Associate Workshop at the 2017 Excellence in Journalism Conference.

Before the workshop, I had done a few business news internships, but I hadn't worked professionally in business news. So, I applied for CNBC's workshop to learn from the best in the business and hopefully to find myself working with them.

"The news is an intense business - it's demanding, it's fast-paced, there's little room for error - and the workshop maintained this spirit, but everyone was so welcoming that instead of scaring me off, it made me want to jump in and become part of the team."

So, as intense as business news is, it's still the best job in the world and the workshop was a great illustration of why that is.

Because of the workshop, I realized I could be a reporter or a TV producer, and I saw myself right here at CNBC. I saw that the company really cared about presenting the news intelligently to our viewers, and I got a behind-the-scenes sense of how it was all done."