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Cramer thanks Tesla CEO Elon Musk 'for telling the truth' after boorish conference call

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  • "Mad Money" host Jim Cramer says Tesla's post-earnings analyst call was CEO Elon Musk's "best conference call ever."
Thanks to Tesla CEO Elon Musk 'for telling the truth' on conference call: Cramer

CNBC's Jim Cramer felt for Tesla CEO Elon Musk after the auto chief's bizarre post-earnings conference call on Wednesday.

"Last night was absolutely, hands-down Musk's best conference call, ever. By far," the "Mad Money" host said on Thursday, not long after applauding Musk's unusual behavior on CNBC's "Squawk on the Street."

The call, which sent shares of Tesla into a nosedive during after-hours trading, followed Tesla's first-quarter earnings report. The car maker logged a narrower-than-expected loss.

Cramer particularly liked Musk's jab at the short-sellers piling into the automaker's stock: "We have no interest in satisfying the desires of day traders. I couldn't care less. Please sell our stock, don't buy it."

"Tesla's stock is unnerving, not for the faint of heart. I sure don't like it," Cramer said. "I think people don't understand the risks that are associated with it and how emotional it can be."

"That's why I was so thrilled that Elon actually broke through the truth barrier again," he continued, pointing to another one of Musk's quips:

"If people are concerned about volatility, they should definitely not buy our stock. I am not here to convince you to buy our stock. Do not buy it if volatility is scary," the Tesla chief told investors.

Musk's boorish call rattled analysts, one of whom was dismissed for asking too "boring" a question by the CEO's standards.

"We're going to go to YouTube," Musk responded to a question on the call, turning to Tesla enthusiast and YouTuber Gali Russell. "Sorry. These questions are so dry. They're killing me."

On "Mad Money," Cramer echoed his earlier prediction that this could have been Musk's last conference call.

"I think that it's time for Musk to suspend conference calls altogether and just have a big Warren-Buffett-style Berkshire Hathaway love fest," Cramer said. "I say close the Gigafactory. Just bring in the adoring public."

That would be more fitting for the daring investors who buy Tesla's stock than a formalized conference call where Musk is expected to play CEO, the "Mad Money" host said.

"Otherwise, thank you, Elon, for telling the truth: if you can't handle the heat of owning the most heavily shorted equity in the land, then get out of the kitchen, or the Gigafactory, or whatever," Cramer concluded.

"After all, the man only wants to hear congratulations and thank yous on his call. Don't bother asking anything else if you're an analyst, because you are, in his alternative security world, just plain out of line," he continued. "And if you like the car, buy the car, but not the stock, because who the heck really knows the truth about what's happening there? You sure aren't going to hear it from this guy. He's selling cars, not stock, and don't you ever forget it."

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Cramer thanks Tesla CEO Elon Musk 'for telling the truth' after boorish conference call

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