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Cramer's lightning round: If you own stock in a gold company, you can take profits here

Key Points
  • It's that time again! "Mad Money" host Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on callers' favorite stocks at rapid speed.

Kirkland Lake Gold: "I would actually take a little off the table. I don't see gold going anywhere right now and I keep thinking about what Warren Buffett was saying today. It made me feel like, as much as I like gold, if you have a profit in some gold, I don't think there's anything wrong with taking it."

Prestige Brands Holdings: "It's just an also-ran company. I'm sorry. I mean, I'm happy to have them on, but there's just not enough [that's] special there. You've got to go buy a JNJ, where at least they've got some proprietary stuff in those aisles."

CVS Health Corporation: "CVS and Walgreens – I'll give you a two-fer. Both of these stocks were down, I think, because Warren Buffett said today that it'd only be a matter of months before there would be a CEO named to the Berkshire Hathaway-J.P. Morgan-Amazon health care group and I think that's weighing on everything having to do with drugstores."

LendingTree, Inc.: "The stock had been great and then the stock got crushed as soon as interest rates started going up. And I've got to tell you, I think [CEO] Doug Lebda has done a remarkable job, but the stock has had such a run that I wouldn't mind taking a little bit off the table, honestly. It's just been a rocket ship since we had Doug on."

Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc.: "Look, I think [CEO] Joe Papa's doing a good job. I mean, it's going to take a long time. They've got that big debt hoard. He's turning the thing around. It's a bit of a battleship to turn around, but I think he will do it because he's a good manager."

Nektar Therapeutics: "This is a highly speculative situation. To me, if you want cancer drugs, I'd still go with Keytruda and Merck. I think that Merck's a very inexpensive stock. Doesn't have the star power, but it does have the firepower."

EPR Properties: "I was talking with my writing partner today. We see that stock sneaking back and we decided, you know what? We think it was overly punished, it looks like it can hold in here and I think that it's probably overdone to the downside. It's making a bottom. It yields 7.5 percent."

Iron Mountain Inc.: "Another one of these that was oversold. All these different situations – REITs have just been clobbered and I think that they're all done going down. Well, not all of them. Some of them are in trouble."

Watch the full lightning round here:

Cramer's lightning round: If you own stock in a gold company, you can take profits here

Disclosure: Cramer's charitable trust owns shares of J.P. Morgan and Amazon.

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