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Cramer's lightning round: Unfortunately, now is the time to own defense stocks

Key Points
  • It's that time again! "Mad Money" host Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on guests' favorite stocks at rapid speed.

Raytheon Company: "I think Raytheon – the charitable trust owns it – [is], unfortunately, one of the best names because everybody needs missiles. That's just unfortunate, but that's the world we're in and that's what Raytheon has. And I think the defense stock[s], after a sell-off, [are] the right place to be, and Raytheon's the best in show."

BoFI Holding, Inc.: "Oh, jeez. I would just hold that. It's had a pretty big run and you know I do like the majors more than that."

Melco Resorts & Entertainment Ltd: "No, no. Come on. We like MGM [Resorts]. We want a little bit less beta, so to speak."

Verizon Communications Inc.: "You could hold it. It's at $47 bucks. I think it should go up to $50, $51. The stock's been under a little bit of pressure here because rates went a little higher. I like it."

Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc.: "I think [the uptick] is for real because I really like this guy [CEO] Brian Niccol. He's very polished. Look, he's out of the Taco Bell world, but you know what? That's exactly what they need. They need discipline. He had a good conference call."

Oracle Corporation: "I think Oracle's fine, they've got a good buyback, but I still favor Salesforce. I like cloud kings and Oracle is not a cloud king, even as I think they think they are."

PayPal Holdings Inc: "I think PayPal's one of the best in show. I had [CEO] Dan Schulman in for a teach-in this Saturday. I've got to tell you, the things he said were just incredible. I would look at the video. I think PayPal goes much, much higher."

Tallgrass Energy Partners LP: "You know that we've seen a lot of distributions cut in the last few weeks and I fear Tallgrass because of that. I know it doesn't look like we should worry about it, but that group has become torture, so that's a house of pain. I'm not going there."

Mallinckrodt PLC: "Nope. Nope. I know they had a better than expected quarter, but I've got to tell you something: I am as worried about Acthar sales as everybody else and I've been staying away from that one for 30 points. I'm not getting near it now."

Roku Inc.: "I have to tell you, I thought that Roku had a very good quarter. The numbers were amazing. But I do know that Amazon is coming in, which is why I am concerned and why the stock went up and then came back down even though the numbers looked really good."

Scotts Miracle-Gro Co: "Well, you know, this is Scotts' weekend. Let's give them that. The stock was up a lot more at one point. But a lot of the problem is cannabis. People look at it as a cannabis play and it really, in the end, is a garden play and the weather's been really bad for them. But I say hold here, not sell."

McDonald's Corporation: "I think McDonald's is fabulous. I think [CEO] Steve Easterbrook's got them doing cartwheels. It's fantastic, the franchisees love it and, most importantly, they are about to have two lines. I think McDonald's is a screaming buy."

Watch the full lightning round here:

Cramer's lightning round: Unfortunately, now is the time to own defense stocks

Disclosure: Cramer's charitable trust owns shares of Raytheon, PayPal and Amazon.

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