The most sought-after job for college grads pays $92,300—here's the rest of the top 10

High-paying jobs that make getting a graduate degree worth it
High-paying jobs that make getting a graduate degree worth it

As college graduation season kicks off, students across the country have one thing on their minds — landing the perfect first job. As it turns out, many of these students have their eye on the same roles.

LinkedIn analyzed information about how the class of 2016 and the class of 2017 have fared since graduating, and found that recent grads are flocking to certain roles.

Here are the 10 most-applied-for job titles among 2016 and 2017 graduates and how much LinkedIn estimates recent grads can expect to make within their first few years on the job:

10. Administrative assistant

Starting salary estimate: $38,000

9. Account coordinator

Starting salary estimate: $40,000

8. Recruiter

Starting salary estimate: $48,000

7. Business analyst

Starting salary estimate: $70,000

6. Account executive

Starting salary estimate: $60,000

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5. Assistant media planner

Starting salary estimate: $58,000

4. Graphic designer

Starting salary estimate: $45,000

3. Marketing coordinator

Starting salary estimate: $45,000

2. Investment banking analyst

Starting salary estimate: $85,000

1. Software engineer

Starting salary estimate: $92,300

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Software engineer was the most-applied-for job title for recent graduates. LinkedIn estimates that software engineers make around $92,300 within the first few years of their careers, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that the median annual pay for software engineers is over six figures. You can expect this role to be among the most sought-after job titles for years to come, especially since the BLS predicts that employment in this job is projected to grow 24 percent from 2016 to 2026.

According to LinkedIn, the job that recent graduates applied to the second most was investment banking analyst, where workers can earn around $85,000 in their first year. It makes sense that students would be flocking to investment banking — the job can offer high salaries and is also seeing large demand from employers. Veteran banking analyst Dick Bove recently told CNBC that we are currently living in the "golden age of banking," and that 2018 will see an investment banking boom.

While demand for software engineers and investment banking analysts may be high, there are still far more opportunities in more traditional entry-level positions. For instance, the BLS predicts that there are around 1,256,200 software engineering jobs, but as many as 3,990,400 administrative assistant roles.

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