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This shoe is made out of recycled chewing gum

These shoes are made out of recycled gum

Chewing gum could be a fun and refreshing habit but if it's discarded on the ground, it's a nasty nuisance. In Amsterdam, the streets are littered with more than 3 million pounds of the sticky stuff.

The Gumshoe was made to tackle that problem. It's a shoe made from recycled gum through a collaboration between sustainable material maker, Gumdrop, I Amsterdam and fashion company Explicit.

Gum is made from a synthetic rubber. When it's broken down, it can be turned into a new kind of rubber. The used gum is made into a recycled compound called Gum-Tec, which becomes the rubber to mold the shoe's soles.

The company says every 2.2 pounds of discarded gum translates into four pairs of sneakers.

The shoes are available starting in June for around $232.