Sears is closing 72 more stores. Here's a map of where they are

Sears Holdings said Thursday it will be shuttering 72 more stores in 2018 and has identified 100 unprofitable locations in total that it plans to close over time.

With respect to the stores identified in this map (listed on Sears' website), closing sales will kick off "in the near future," Sears said. That consists of 15 Kmart stores and 48 Sears stores, all of which are expected to be closed by early September. A Sears spokesman declined to comment on the number of associates impacted by the news.

This is in addition to the 64 Kmart stores and 39 Sears stores that have already shut down this year. The company will end 2018 with fewer than 1,000 locations spread across the U.S. altogether.

The department store chain made the store closure announcement Thursday in tandem with reporting its first-quarter earnings, where it said sales dropped roughly 30 percent in the latest period. Sears has closed hundreds of locations over the years as part of its cost-cutting efforts, while revenues continue to erode.

"We continue to evaluate our network of stores, which are a critical component in our transformation, and will make further adjustments as needed and as warranted," Sears said about its plans for the future.

Click here for a full list of the locations set to close.

— Reporting by Lauren Thomas. Data visualization by John Schoen.

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