10 US budget travel destinations to consider this summer


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10 US budget travel destinations to consider this summer

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If you're looking to save on your family vacation this summer, these cities may fit the bill.

Personal finance website WalletHub compiled a ranking of the top cities to travel to this summer based on several metrics.

One of those indicators — lowest travel costs and fewest hassles — ranked cities with the cheapest flights, least time to get there and fewest connections.

Here are the metropolitan areas that are the most affordable when it comes to travel costs.

  • 5. Kansas City

    Kansas City, Missouri
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  • 4. Minneapolis

    Minneapolis, Minnesota
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  • 3. Dallas

    Dallas, Texas
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  • 2. Detroit

    Detroit skyline
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  • 1. Cincinnati

    WalletHub also evaluated the cities that offer the lowest prices once you get there, including cost of living, the average price for a meal for two and the lowest rate for a three-star hotel room.

    Here are the cities that have the cheapest local costs.

    Terrace Park is a village in Greater Cincinnati
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  • 5. Little Rock, Arkansas

    Little Rock, Arkansas
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  • 4. McAllen, Texas

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  • 3. Albuquerque, New Mexico

    Hot air balloon festival in Albuquerque
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  • 2. Knoxville, Tennessee

    People in Market Square on market day in Knoxville, Tennessee.
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  • 1. Oklahoma City

    Oklahoma City Skyline
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