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CCTV Script 11/06/18


— This is the script of CNBC's news report for China's CCTV on June 11, 2018, Monday.

The meeting of Trump and Kim Jong Un has not started yet, but in Singapore, many restaurants and bars grasp the special business chances from this event, introducing the special menu featuring "Kim-Trump meeting", kicking off a "restaurant war"

[Waiter] "Here's your special dinner of xxx (name of the set)."

[Qian] "Thank you!"

This is the "Trump-Kim Meeting menu" offered by Royal Plaza on Scotts from 8th to 15th this month. The burger is made from Chicken, Kimchi, and seaweed, sushi and fries are also included; in addition, the specialized Summit Iced Tea is made of US traditional ice tea and Korean honey-pomelo tea. Prices for ice tea and burger are 6 Singapore dollars and 12 Singapore dollars.

[Abraham Tan Culinary Executive Chef, Royal plaza on scotts] "As the very significance of the two days' meeting, by combining these two together, fashion, it works very well. With the first bite, obviously it's very tasty."

After this meal, I still think something is missed, it comes to my mind suddenly that alcohol is closely related to business talking and celebration in any cultures. And these 2 cocktails named by Kim Jong Un and Trump, which are limited editions, was assumed the bartender's hope that this meeting can hold successfully.

"For Trump and Kim to come down to Singapore to meet up for the summit. For these, we are selling it for a period of time from June 1 to 16"

The cocktail named by Trump is based on Kentucky's most common bourbon, "Blue-White-Red" represents US flag, with a mild taste, and its colorful outlook is really attractive. The cocktail named by Kim Jong Un is based on North Korea's popular Shochu, with red color and refreshing taste. In order to avoid the controversy caused by comparing the alcohol degree, these 2 cocktails are with same alcohol degree and with same price. 12.6 Singapore dollars each.

Escobar's owner told me that these 2 cocktails are popular after launch; many customers will order 2 at the same time, using this special approach to celebrate this important meeting between US leader and North Korea leader that is hold in Singapore. Cheers!