The best places to live with the worst commutes

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Traffic on an Interstate freeway in Southern California
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Commute got you down?

Commuting is one of the most draining and annoying tasks any human can endure. From bumper-to-bumper traffic to delayed trains to never-ending contruction, trips to and from work are nightmares come to life. But how do US metro areas stack up against each other when it comes to terrible commutes?

Here's a look at the worst commutes among the US News Best Places to Live rankings.

New York City

Best places to live rank: 96

Metro population: 20,973,061

Average commute time: 35.6 minutes

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Washington, DC

Best places to live rank: 8

Metro population: 6,011,752

Average commute time: 34.4 minutes

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San Francisco

Best places to live rank: 20

Metro population: 4,577,530

Average commute time: 32.1 minutes

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San Juan, Puerto Rico

Best places to live rank: 125

Metro population: 2,230,563

Average commute time: 31.6 minutes

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Best places to live rank: 87

Metro population: 9,528,396

Average commute time: 31.3 minutes

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Stockton, California

Best places to live rank: 124

Metro population: 714,860

Average commute time: 31.2 minutes

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Best places to live rank: 47

Metro population: 5,612,777

Average commute time: 31 minutes

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Best places to live rank: 25

Metro population: 4,728,844

Average commute time: 30.6 minutes

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Best places to live rank: 83

Metro population: 2,780,873

Average commute time: 30.5 minutes

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Los Angeles

Best places to live rank: 101

Metro population: 18,463,122

Average commute time: 30 minutes

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