From Mark Zuckerberg's Beast to Elon Musk's Marvin, meet the dogs of 8 tech titans

Meet the dogs of 8 tech titans

Dogs are considered "man's best friend" and on Friday they were also "man's best co-worker."

For the 20th year in a row, companies celebrated Take Your Dog to Work Day, an annual event started by the educational association for professional pet sitters and dog-walkers Pet Sitter's International. Other pets were not excluded — the entire week of June 18-22 was Take Your Pet To Work Week.

And while this pet-friendly week may have come to an end, more and more companies are allowing dogs in the workplace in an effort to attract millennials, such as Amazon and Google.

These policies are definitely a nice perk for animal-lovers, but there are larger health and wellness implications. Science shows that canine companionship can increase self-esteem and social support and reduces stress and anxiety levels.

These benefits are likely why many highly successful people in the fast-paced tech industry are quite fond of their furry friends.

From Mark Zuckerberg to Elon Musk, meet the dogs of eight tech titans:

1. Mark Zuckerberg

The Facebook founder's dog is named Beast. For her sixth birthday last year, Zuckerberg commissioned an artist to design and print a 3D sculpture of beast in virtual reality. Beast has her own Facebook page, which boasts almost 3 million fans.

2. Kevin Systrom

The co-founder and CEO of Instagram enjoys time with his dog Dolly. She made her Instagram debut as a puppy in 2013 and has nearly 21,000 followers.

3. Marc Benioff

Salesforce allows dogs in the workplace so it comes as no surprise that the company's CEO has one as well. His golden retriever Koa celebrates her 18th birthday this year.


4. Mike Krieger

The Instagram co-founder has a Bernese mountain dog named Juno. Not surprisingly, Juno also has an Instagram account, where he delights over 9,000 followers.

5. Elon Musk

Facing mounting pressure to deliver on Tesla's Model 3 cars, the CEO probably needs his dog Marvin now more than ever.

6. Bill Gates

The Microsoft co-founder-turned-philanthropist has two dogs: Oreo and Nilla. Though his kids spend more time with the dogs than he does, Gates writes in a Reddit post that he really likes them.

Bill Gates' dogs Nilla and Oreo.

7. Sundar Pichai

Google's CEO has a dog named Jeffree and since Google allows dogs in the workplace, the two never have to be apart.


8. Jeff Bezos

When Bezos moved to Seattle to launch Amazon, he brought along his dog Kamala, who was named after a "Star Trek" character. While there's no word on whether he still owns the dog, or any other dogs, Bezos was recently seen at a robotics conference walking this peculiar pup.


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