What it's like to shop at the Amazon Treasure Truck

Amazon's Treasure Truck sells discounted products out of the back of a truck
Amazon's Treasure Truck sells discounted products out of the back of a truck

Amazon now sells  deals out of the back of a truck.

The Amazon Treasure Truck visits multiple locations around a city and sells just one product a day at a discount. It now operates in 25 U.S. cities plus the U.K.

The trucks don’t run every day, but when they are running I’ve found they frequently sell out in a minutes – at least in San Francisco where I live. You find out about the deal of the day by signing up for text messages, then if you’re interested in the deal you can make your purchase through Amazon’s app or on the website.

The downside is it sells only one item, which doesn’t come in different sizes or colors. On the day we visited the truck was selling a hammock and straps to hang it up for $50 — buying them together on the site would have cost us $75.

Also, getting to the location of the treasure truck can be difficult. The truck makes several stops throughout the day, and if you miss your stop, you’re out of luck.

If you change your mind and want to return the item, you don’t have to bring it back to the Treasure Truck. Items can be returned through the mail like any other Amazon purchase.

The treasure truck isn’t a huge money-making endeavor for Amazon, but more of a promotional stunt. In the 20 minutes we were at the truck filming, at least a half dozen curious people came by to see what all the noise was about.

If you live in a city with a Treasure Truck it is definitely worth checking out. While most of the daily deals probably won’t appeal to you, you might score a nice discount on something you really want.