Dwyane Wade vs. Gabrielle Union: Here's who is the better tipper in this famous marriage

Dwyane Wade vs Gabrielle Union: Who's the better tipper?

Three-time NBA champion Dwyane Wade, late of the Miami Heat, has racked up significant success, both on and off the court, and he has achieved multimillionaire status. But Wade isn’t the only one in his household who's built a lucrative career — he's married to A-list actress Gabrielle Union.

Such a power coupling begs the question: Of the two, who’s the better tipper?

“Definitely I'm the best tipper in our family, for sure,” Dwyane Wade tells CNBC Make It, smiling.

Wade certainly has the bank account to do it. Since his NBA career began in 2003, the athlete has and is ranked among the league’s leaders in scoring average and assists per game. Forbes named him in 2017 as the sixth highest paid basketball player, with a salary of $23.2 million and total earnings of $36.2 million. He also boasts partnerships with companies like Gatorade, Amazon Fashion and The Tie Bar.

For her part, Union has achieved major stardom in Hollywood. She’s acted in a string of hit movies including the recently released “Breaking In" and iconic “Bring It On,” as well as starring in BET’s “Being Mary Jane." Union has also worked with big brands like Neutrogena and New York & Company. In fact, Union is the one who reportedly insisted on a pre-nup.

“I make sure to let people know all of the hard work that’s gone into my career,” Union told Yahoo in 2015. “I want people to know the work that it took to get through UCLA, that I had student loans and worked. I was eating Top Ramen and lived well below my means. Now that it’s time to get married to a man who happens to play basketball and has done well for himself, I want to make it clear that I have in no way hitched my wagon to his star. I have my own wagon and star.”

She is also known for calling out a headline that referred to her as simply "Dwyane Wade’s wife" after the pair made a generous, $200,000 donation to March for Our Lives.

And while Wade, 36, may be the better tipper, the athlete says that Union, 45, has always been on top of her finances and has helped him learn the ropes when it comes to money.

“I think you have to know your spouse, you have to trust your spouse. For me, my wife is very on top of it...when we first started dating, I wasn’t even on top of my finances as much as her,” Wade admits. “I was still young. So she kind of helped me, moved me along quicker. I think we do fine.“

Like most relationships, the pair has had their fair share of challenges (they reportedly agreed on a pre-nup just days before their 2014 wedding), but Wade explains that they are pretty financially compatible.

“I think we’re both comfortable to know that we watch what each other do," Wade says. "We kind of see if someone splurge[s] a lot or if we’re doing the things that we need to do for our lives, and I think we’re both comfortable and confident that the other person is taking care of their responsibilities.”

Wade and Union are often portrayed in the media as couple goals. The two regularly post fun shots on social media, whether it’s them on the streets of Spain or hanging out at home. And in May, they made headlines for their seemingly picture-perfect French vacation.

So what’s the key to a successful partnership? In general, communication, Wade says.

“It’s as simple as not being afraid to communicate what you’re feeling, how you’re feeling it," Wade tells CNBC Make It. "Because it goes a long, long way just to have a simple conversation of, ‘Hey, I’m a little uncomfortable of this,’ [or] ‘Hey, I’ve been thinking about this.’ Just those little moments, I think, those are things that help all relationships, not just marriage. It helps all relationships be better.”

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