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Again?!? More storms, more flight delays on Tuesday

Ben Mutzabaugh
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Last update: 10:45 a.m. ET. Next update: By 3 p.m. ET.

Late flights and cancellations awaited fliers again on Tuesday as a stormy weather pattern remained entrenched along the East Coast.

Already since Sunday, about 2,200 flights have been canceled nationwide and a whopping 18,400 delayed. The majority of those disruptions stem from stormy weather in the East, where airports in New York, Philadelphia, Washington, Baltimore, Boston, Charlotte and Orlando were among the many with spikes in delays and cancellations during the period.

For Tuesday, airports from the Carolinas into New England were at risk for storm delays for the third day in a row.

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The storms will be of the hit-and-miss variety, but they could create significant problems where and when they pop up. Long lines of storms can block flight paths, presenting an especially troublesome scenario in the mid-Atlantic and Northeast.

Nationwide, about 845 flights had been canceled and another 2,040 delayed as of 10:45 a.m. ET, according to flight-tracking service FlightAware. Those counts have jumped significantly since early morning. 

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The numbers will likely mushroom throughout the day if storms fire up as they’ve done the past two days. On Monday alone, more than 1,400 flights were canceled and 8,380 delayed as the East Coast endured similar conditions to those that are expected on Monday.

Monday’s flight schedule was further disrupted storms in Colorado, where thunderstorms forced flights to be suspended for about 90 minutes, according to The Denver Post. In the fallout, more than a third of the entire day’s flights were delayed there while more than 5% were canceled altogether, FlightAware counted.

Sunday also was a mess for fliers across much of the East. While only 686 flights were canceled, FlightAware reported a whopping 8,030 delays at U.S. airports for the day.

Travelers flying on Tuesday should check ahead on the status of the flights, especially if they’re flying through one of the major airports along the eastern seaboard.