10 industries where recent grads can earn $100,000

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Not all entry-level jobs come with low wages. In fact, in select industries, workers with less than five years of experience can earn six-figure salaries right away.

Job site Ladders, which specializes in jobs paying over $100,000, compiled a comprehensive listing of current job openings that pay six figures and analyzed the data to determine what industries provide these elusive opportunities and where they are located.

They found that 10 industries stand out for having the most six-figure opportunities for workers with less than five years of professional experience:

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10. Engineering and construction

Jobs: 930
Best city: San Francisco (51 jobs)

9. Project management

Jobs: 1,030
Best city: New York (97 jobs)

8. Science and education

Jobs: 1,111
Best city: Boston (144 jobs)

7. Human resources and legal

Jobs: 1,150
Best city: New York (157 jobs)

6. Accounting and finance

Jobs: 1,168
Best city: New York (213 jobs)

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5. Marketing, media and design

Jobs: 1,471
Best city: New York (270 jobs)

4. Operations and general management

Jobs: 1,692
Best city: New York (142 jobs)

3. Healthcare

Jobs: 3,002
Best city: New York (270 jobs)

2. Sales and business development

Jobs: 4,958
Best city: New York (463 jobs)

1. Technology

Jobs: 16,747
Best city: San Francisco (1,848 jobs)

Unsurprisingly, Ladders found that the tech industry offered the most high-paying jobs for workers with less than five years of experience, and that San Francisco was home to the most opportunities.

"The easiest route [to making six figures] is major in computer science or engineering," Marc Cenedella, CEO and Founder of Ladders tells CNBC Make It. "The return on going into tech and being a technologist are extraordinarily high. We're still only graduating about 40,000 computer science grads in the country and the demand relative to the supply is extraordinarily out of balance."

Beyond the tech sector, most of the top industries were best represented in New York City. The Big Apple was ranked the top place for high-paying jobs in fields like healthcare, marketing and finance. Overall, WalletHub estimates that there are as many as 3,080 six-figure jobs requiring less than five years of experience in New York.

New York is also a top-notch choice for workers at other experience levels, too — Ladders estimates that there are around 30,782 six-figure jobs currently available in the city.

And while these numbers seem awfully promising, they are the exception to the rule. Most young people with less than five years of experience aren't living the six-figure lifestyle. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median earnings for Americans between the ages of 25 and 34 is closer to $40,000 a year.

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