Neighborhoods with 'Hill' in the name are the richest in America — plus 9 other words that signal wealth

Douglas Elliman

What's in a name? For neighborhoods, a name might just indicate a certain level of wealth, according to a new report from Porch.

For its study, Porch, a platform that connects people with home improvement professionals, analyzed words in the names of neighborhoods with the highest average household incomes in America.

Overall, high-earning households are nestled within neighborhoods that give a nod to luxurious landscapes, like "hill," "island," "oaks," "acres" and "beach."

The top 10 words in neighborhood names with the highest average household income, according to Porch's study, are:

1. "Hills"

Average household income: $89,976

2. "Island"

Average household income: $87,527

3. "Village"

Average household income: $77,087

4. "Oaks"

Average household income: $72,492

5. "Acres"

Average household income: $71,485

6. "Highland"

Average household income: $71,072

7. "Canyon"

Average household income: $69,910

8. "Beach"

Average household income: $69,728

9. "Forest"

Average household income: $69,438

10. "Bay"

Average household income: $69,049

Meanwhile, households with the lowest average household incomes were in neighborhoods that had the names "Los" ($29,757 average household income), "University" ($40,054 average household income) and "Springs" ($41,066 average household income).

Porch also looked at the words in neighborhood names that have the highest property values, many of which referenced water, like "island," "beach" and "harbor."

Porch analyzed data by zip code from the U.S. Census for all Census Designated Places analyzed, using words that showed up at least 25 times when looking at the entire country. See the complete methodology here.

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