We asked top financial executives how they manage emails — and it turns out they are just like us

These financial pros control billions of dollars — but their inbox, not so much

These financial executives manage hundreds of billions of dollars and have responsibilities that would quite possibly give many of us a meltdown, but when we asked them about how they manage their emails, well, that was a different story.

David Villa, chief investment officer at the Wisconsin State Investment Board, may have the best system ever. If you want him to read your email, you need a secret code. He calls it diabolical, but with assets in excess of more than $115 billion under management, it's probably safe to say he can do without the spam emails.

Suni Harford, head of investments at UBS Asset Management, gives herself seven days to respond, and even then, she can't get to them all. This pro is checking in on Saturdays to catch up on lost emails.

Watch the video above to see the hilarious way four financial experts explain how they manage their inbox.

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