Feeling stuck? 3 smart ways true hustlers stay productive and motivated

Real hustle isn't just about hard work. It's about finding smart ways to stay motivated and live decisively to ensure good work gets done. This approach doesn't always require more time, intelligence or talent, just a willingness to find new ways to move forward during quiet times and trying times.

Read on to learn three simple strategies to keep your hustle going.

1. Plan for impact

When there's so much to do, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. In these moments, envision your goals and dreams. Take stock of your to-do list and ask yourself what's most important and what will bring you the biggest impact. Then tackle high-priority items first, eliminating distractions and working at one task at a time.

Make a habit of revisiting your goals regularly and reminding yourself why you're working so hard. This strategy won't just keep you focused, it will help motivate you when you're tired, burnt out and ready to give up. Remember: Perseverance takes practice.

2. Switch things up

Comfortable? Bored? If these words describe you, it's time to change things up. When work is going a little too smoothly, you might need to challenge yourself. Consider asking for a tough assignment or finishing that side project you started. If you wait around for the perfect moment to "be ready," you never will be – so do it now. Avoid stagnation at all costs.

Don't forget: We don't get to choose all the challenges that we face. Use easy times to seek out new goals to make yourself sharper and more prepared for whatever might happen next. Real hustlers know that no time is wasted if it's spent learning or growing.

3. Connect and build

No one does anything alone. While healthy competition keeps you on your toes, take advantage of opportunities to connect with others. Identify people you respect or admire both inside and outside of your field. If these people are former co-workers or colleagues, get out your calendar and set up that postponed coffee date. At work, seek out coworkers for their advice and offer to help when an opportunity arises.

Talking to others will help you discover new ideas and even new ways to work with others toward your goals. You'll strengthen your network and your knowledge of your industry, and put yourself in a better position for future opportunities and partnerships.

Elle Kaplan is the founder and CEO of LexION Capital, a fiduciary wealth management firm in New York City, serving high-net-worth individuals. She is also the chief investment officer and founder of LexION Alpha.

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