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Cramer's lightning round: It's a good time to buy oil stocks

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  • It's that time again! "Mad Money" host Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on callers' favorite stocks at rapid speed.

Royal Dutch Shell: "Everyone hates the oils, which means it is time to buy the oils because oil's going from $70 to $80. Everybody is all crazy about them. Royal Dutch is really good."

LAM Research Corporation: "Applied Materials is a fabulous company, so take what I'm saying with a grain of salt. Right now they are caught in some difficult product transitions in terms of what their end customers want. I think the same thing will be with LAM. It's kind of a glitch in time, and I don't want to recommend LAM right now given what Applied Materials is saying."

Nustar Energy: "A little too risky. If you really want an 80 percent yield, you'd have to take a little more risk than I would like. But, I understand why you would because people feel that that group has come back. But that's not my cup of tea."

Ebix Inc: "I like insurance and I like software, so I think I should like a software company dedicated to insurance."

Fox Factory Holding: "Off-road vehicles has always been a quandary to me as we know from Polaris. We're going to do work on it because the stock has been so strong in the face of a lot headwinds."

Nutanix: "I like Nutanix. They are terrific. They are a very competitive company. I think they're very smart, enterprise cloud. I want to go double positive about VMWare, which reports next week."

Sarepta Therapeutics: "It's a great spec stock. It is up very, very big. One of the things we like is this RNA concept. Remember the blueprint? We've talked about it endlessly. I think the stock's good."

Denbury Resources: "During the bad oil days, DNR stood for 'do not resuscitate'. I'm not a big fan of Denbury. I think it's way too risky. I think there are so many highly qualified oils that are down right now with good yields. We had Royal Dutch earlier, I would suggest something like that."

Sony Corporation: "It's still undervalued. I think it's a good situation. I think we underestimate the strength of the Japanese market too, so Sony's okay with me."

United Rentals: "I do not understand why URI cannot lift. They have a much better earnings profile than most of the stocks that are involved with infrastructure. I think it's good."

Marathon Petroleum Corporation: "You're not selling Marathon. You're buying more Marathon. That's how I feel so strongly about that."

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Cramer's lightning round: It's a good time to buy oil stocks

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