The Kwik-E Mart from 'The Simpsons' has opened in real life in Myrtle Beach 

The Simpsons
FOX | Getty Images

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, is a top food city in America, but now it may be known for having the most famous convenient store. 

Kwik-E Mart, the iconic convenient store in Fox's "The Simpsons," just opened in real life. The store is designed to look and feel just like the one from the show, selling memorabilia and merchandise associated with characters from the town of Springfield, like Bart, Homer, Marge, Lisa and Maggie Simpson. There are also famous eats from the show, like Flaming Moe energy drinks, Heat-Lamp hot dogs, Squishee slushees and Lard Lad Donuts.

The store opened on August 17, in the Broadway at the Beach shopping center.

Simpsons fans got a taste of the Kwik-E Mart experience back in 2007 when a dozen 7-Eleven transformed into Kwik-E Marts as part of a promotion for '"The Simpsons Movie."

Another Simpsons attraction, The Aztec Theater, is set to open next door later this year. The ticketed attraction is a fully themed lobby and theater, 4-D experience (a 3-D movie combined with features like sensor-equipped motion seats, wind, scents, etc.) with the cast of "The Simpsons."

"The Simpsons," which made its debut in 1989, is the longest running animated comedy currently in its 29th season.

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