Want to work in Asia? One profession is hiring in a big way

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If you're looking for a new job, consider packing your bags, training as a pilot and moving to Asia.

According to U.S. aircraft manufacturer Boeing which says that the Asia Pacific region is set to go on a hiring spree for hundreds of thousands of new airline staff over the next two decades.

Rising wealth and growing travel demands mean that new staff — including 240,000 pilots, 242,000 technicians and 317,000 cabin crew — will be required across the region by 2037, a new report by Boeing found.

China is forecast to lead that boon, requiring half of the nearly 800,000 anticipated new hires, followed by Southeast Asia and South Asia.

Here's the breakdown of hiring forecasts by region:

The new jobs are likely to be primarily with commercial airlines. However, as affluence in the region grows, a growth in demand for other types of aviation, such as private luxury jets, can be expected.

"Strong demand for pilots in the region continues, and we expect that this will continue for the next several years," Keith Cooper, vice president of training and professional services for Boeing Global Services, said in the report.

The hiring spree is expected to breathe new life into the aviation industry, as large numbers of pilots from the baby boomer generation are set to retire over the coming decade.

It could also go some way in addressing the gender gap in the aviation industry, which has traditionally been one of the most pronounced.

Currently in the U.S., women account for just seven percent of all pilots and less than 10 percent of other technical positions, according to 2017 data from the Federal Aviation Administration's Aeronautical Center. Meanwhile, women make up close to 80 percent of flight attendant roles.

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Roman Becker | EyeEm | Getty Images
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