BRIEF-Buffett says Berkshire has begun stock buybacks, bought a little more Apple


Aug 30 (Reuters) - Warren buffett says he remains positive about stocks, and says "we're buying stocks this morning" -- cnbc Buffett, chairman of berkshire hathaway, says he has bought "just a little" more apple stock recently Buffett says stocks remain more attractive than 30-year bonds and other fixed income securities Buffett calls the iphone "enormously underpriced" given how useful people find it Buffett, referring to campbell soup, says berkshire would not buy the company, and that "it's very hard to offer a significant premium for a packaged goods company" Buffett says berkshire has bought back "a little" of its stock since changing its share repurchase policy Buffett, discussing u.s. Economy, says "business is good across the board. Business is good. It was good two years ago, it keeps getting better." Buffett says tariffs have increased some costs for berkshire businesses, such as building materials and paint Buffett says jerome powell is a terrific chairman of the federal reserve, will do what's best for the economy Buffett, asked why he doesn't use twitter much, says he sees no reason to; says doesn't think tesla ceo elon musk's use of twitter has helped him a lot Buffett, on his 88th birthday, ends appearance on cnbc