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A month in Paris may be more affordable than you think 

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Retiring overseas is just a beautiful daydream for most of us. But if you're lucky enough to have the time, either as a retiree or someone with a flexible work schedule, why not try living in an enchanting European city for a month? It can be more affordable than you think.

Many cities on the Continent offer furnished apartments available for rental for a week or a month at a time. You can save money by cooking some meals at home. Factor in your other costs, such as transportation and the occasional meal out, and dust off your passport. You can wake up in a romantic Old World city and have your coffee while you stroll along the Thames or the Tiber.

As a starting point, we'll look at three benchmark costs: The average cost of a three-course meal for two at a mid-range restaurant, one month's rent for a one-bedroom apartment (in both a cheaper part of the city and the [usually pricier] center of town), and a one-month transportation pass. Prices are in euros, except for London, which uses pounds sterling. One euro currently equals about $1.16 and the pound is trading at $1.30.

Costs come from Numbeo, a website that details a range of prices for about 8,500 cities around the world.

1. Paris

Paris quarter.France.
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Apartment: 849.20 euros or 1,142.89 euros

Meal: 55 euros

Transportation: 75 euros

2. London

Oxford Circus tube station located at the busy intersection of Regent Street and Oxford Street, in the City of Westminster in London's West End.
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Apartment: 1,184.77 pounds or 1,646 pounds

Meal: 50 pounds

Transportation: 133 pounds

3. Lisbon

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Apartment: 548.36 euros to 800.04 euros

Meal: 35 euros

Transportation: 36.70 euros

4. Rome

A tavern-restaurant in Rome, Italy
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Apartment: 673.60 euros to 974.51 euros

Meal: 50 euros

Transportation: 35 euros

5. Madrid

Spain, Madrid A view of Barcelona street in the city center of Madrid. This is a pedestrian street crowded with restaurants and bars that it is visited by locals and tourists.
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6. Amsterdam

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Apartment: 1,091.21 euros or 1,515.62 euros

Meal: 60 euros

Transportation: 90 euros

7. Berlin

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Apartment: 582.84 euros to 807.62 euros

Meal: 40 euros

Transportation: 81 euros