Shark Tank

Business is booming for this musician after his appearance on 'Shark Tank'

With a passion for the arts and a goal to bring top quality music training to students, Taylor Robinson set out to revolutionize the way people find and hire private music instructors all over the country.

Robinson previously appeared on "Shark Tank," pitching his business Taylor Robinson Music, a company he started while in his high school garage band. With music programs often getting cut from school budgets, this platform is a resource for parents to connect students and teachers safely and effectively.

Flash forward four years to the present, a lot has happened since pitching to the Sharks. Ultimately, Robinson said the exposure on "Shark Tank" has helped business for the better.

"The days and weeks after the show, we got so much traffic to the site, we had trouble keeping it from crashing," he said. "Reruns air every couple of months or so. Each time it does, we see a dramatic spike in site visitors."

In terms of sales, Robinson said business is going well. "We've grown around four times the size we were. When we recorded our 'Shark Tank' episode, we were doing around $300,000 in annual sales with an 8 percent profit margin. Last year we did around $1,300,000 in sales with a 22 percent profit margin."

Robinson came into the Tank asking for $100,000 in exchange for 10 percent equity. While he didn't exactly end on a high note, that didn't stop him from moving forward.

As a lifetime musician and music teacher, Robinson said he has a true appreciation for the service he provides. But what does he values most? The entrepreneurial experience.

"There are plenty of setbacks, but those that like the journey and the challenge of it, and that can handle the swings of fortune, are forever changed by it," he said. "We are improved as people in a meaningful and holistic way — regardless of the bottom line."

Catch Robinson's full pitch on "Shark Tank," Sunday 9P PT on CNBC.