These 21 major retailers are worth less than Amazon…combined 

These 21 major retailers are worth less than Amazon...combined

Amazon stock has been on a tear this year, briefly hitting a $1 trillion market cap on Tuesday, Sept. 4. It became the second U.S. company to do so, behind Apple.

Amazon was valued at $955.1 billion as of market close on Thursday. That makes it worth more than 21 other major retailers, combined – from Walmart to Costco.

Despite its valuation, the e-commerce behemoth generates only a fraction of the retail sales that the other 21 companies do, combined. In fact, Walmart by itself sold almost $500 billion in goods worldwide in 2017, more than three times as much as Amazon, according to Kantor Consulting.

Consumers can buy goods from third parties on Amazon, and the company charges a fee, generating less revenue than it would if it sold the product itself. Amazon also has other revenue streams beyond retail, including its web services.

Analysts say Amazon is expensive based on its operating profit margins, but investors are valuing the company based on its future growth potential.