Watch yourself get buff with this $1,495 mirror that streams virtual fitness classes

This start-up wants to help you get fit at home with a mirror that streams fitness classes
This start-up wants to help you get fit at home with a mirror that streams fitness classes

It's called Mirror, and it's the latest fitness tech gadget meant to replace the gym with your living room by offering online subscription classes.

The Mirror system consists of an LCD panel, stereo speakers, camera, microphone and companion iOS app. The company works with trainers to create live and on-demand workouts for cardio, strength, yoga, pilates, barre, boxing and stretching.

Mirror is entering an already crowded in-home equipment market. Peloton introduced a connected treadmill earlier this year to complement its widely popular stationary bikes. Flywheel also offers at-home bike classes and Widerun takes the experience one step further with virtual reality.

Andrew Evers | CNBC

Mirror is the brainchild of Brynn Putnam, a former professional ballerina and owner of a chain of boutique fitness studios in Manhattan. Putnam says the idea came to her because she was finding it increasingly difficult to find time to work out.

"I had a child, and even though I was the owner of a fitness studio, I found myself struggling to make my real life work with my workouts," she said. "The challenge for me was figuring out how to bring the amazing in-studio experience that we had developed over the past 10 years to people in their homes."

Using the app, participants can choose individual instruction or group classes. During individual sessions, trainers can actually see and interact with the user through the on-board camera and microphone, but they cost an extra $40-$75 depending on the trainer. During live group classes, participants and trainers can use the app to communicate with emojis or shoutouts. The system also works with Bluetooth heart rate monitors and Spotify premium. All metrics are tracked through the app.

Mirror costs $1,495 with a monthly content subscription of $39. The system only works with iOS for now.