Watch: Paul Ryan speaks following explosive NYT column, confusion over Trump shutdown threat


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House Speaker Paul Ryan is scheduled to speak to reporters Thursday amid President Donald Trump's uproar over a New York Times column written anonymously by a member of his administration.

The op-ed described a "resistance" within the Trump administration pushing back against what officials consider the president's worst policy proposals and personal impulses. While some top administration officials quickly denied that they wrote the column, some Republican lawmakers said it reflects what they have heard or seen from the White House since Trump took office.

Ryan could face questions about the New York Times op-ed, as well as efforts in Congress to avoid a government shutdown when funding expire at the end of the month. Earlier this week, Trump said he does not "see even myself or anybody else closing down the country right now," despite his threat earlier this year to let government funding lapse.

He quickly reversed himself Wednesday, saying he was "willing to do anything" to secure funding for his proposed wall on the U.S.-Mexico border.

On Wednesday, Ryan said a shutdown is "not in anyone's interest."