Hasbro is making 'Fortnite' versions of Monopoly and Nerf Blasters

Hasbro's Fortnite Monopoly
Source: Hasbro

"Fortnite" is the hottest name in online gaming. Now, IRL-toymaker Hasbro is betting it can convince gamers to put down their joysticks and play an old-school board game — the company is partnering with "Fortnite" publisher Epic Games on a version of "Monopoly" based on the massively popular multiplayer survival game.

The "Fortnite" version of "Monopoly," an 83-year-old real estate board game, will be released October 1. Meanwhile, Hasbro will also make "Fortnite" Nerf Blasters — toy versions of weapons featured in the video game that do not yet have a scheduled release date, the company announced on Monday.

Epic Games creative director Donald Mustard first revealed the collaboration in a Twitter post on Thursday touting "Fortnite Monopoly" as a "unique spin on the classic game."


Much like in the video game version of "Fortnite," where 100 players fight to the death in "Battle Royale" mode, the goal of "Fortnite Monopoly" is also to be the "last man standing," Epic's Mustard notes in his tweet. But Hasbro has also introduced some changes to traditional "Monopoly" gameplay for the new version, including replacing money with health points and giving players the option of "shooting" their opponents to damage their health.

And instead of classic property names like Park Place and Marvin Gardens (taken from real streets and neighborhoods in Atlantic City, New Jersey), "Fortnite Monopoly" will feature tradable properties named after locations from the "Battle Royale" map in "Fortnite." For instance, "Fortnite Monopoly" will replace Boardwalk with a property called "Tilted Towers," named after an area in the video game where players often do battle with each other.

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Epic Games launched the free-to-play battle royale version of its "Fortnite" game in September 2017 and the game quickly became one of the most popular gaming titles on the market, with more than 125 million registered players around the world and over $1 billion in revenue. In May, Epic Games announced an esports competition for "Fortnite" players that will ultimately pay out a total prize pool of $100 million.

Nearly all of the revenue that Epic Games makes from "Fortnite" comes from in-game purchases by players who buy things like new costumes and tools for their virtual avatars. But, Epic Games has also already partnered with other companies on "Fortnite"-branded products, like a collaboration with toy-maker Funko on "Fortnite" character figurines as well as a deal with Spencer's to make "Fortnite" costumes and other apparel.


"Hasbro is well-known for bringing iconic brands to life, and we're honored to collaborate on an awesome lineup that delivers on the fun of Fornite," Epic Games co-founder Mark Rein said in a statement on Monday. "NERF blasters are truly the best way to reenact 'Fortnite battles' outside of the game, and we can't wait to see our fans create Fortnite stories all of their own with the iconic accessories seen in the game, or by bringing the battle offscreen with Monopoly."

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