Inside Juul Labs — how the vaping giant hooked its users and became a $15 billion company

How Juul made vaping cool and became a $15 billion e-cigarette giant

Juul looks like a sleek USB flash drive, its flavor pods are packed with nicotine and it is the latest trend in e-cigarettes.

In the past year, San Francisco-based Juul Labs has rapidly overtaken the U.S. e-cigarette market. Sales have skyrocketed nearly 800 percent, helping Juul capture a 71 percent of share of the market, according to Nielsen data. Juul's rise has attracted venture funds and given it a stunning $15 billion valuation. But this explosive growth has drawn scrutiny. The company faces lawsuits and FDA regulation, and its popularity among teens could threaten its future.

Juul founders Adam Bowen and James Monsees.
Jeniece Pettitt I CNBC

CNBC gets a rare look inside Juul Labs and talks to the founders, James Monsees and Adam Bowen, to hear how the company is facing its challenges while trying to eliminate cigarettes from the face of the Earth.