The most expensive steak sandwich in America is served on Wall Street — here's what you get

Don Wagyu sandwich
Don Wagyu

There is a $214 grilled cheese sandwich in Manhattan, New York and a $120 cheesesteak in Philadelphia. Now, Don Wagyu in New York City is serving what appears to be (after an extensive search) America's most expensive steak sandwich, which costs a cool $180.

Don Wagyu's $180 steak sandwich
Don Wagyu

Opened in June 2018 in Manhattan's Financial District (at 28 S. Williams Street), Don Wagyu is a restaurant dedicated to Wagyu beef, an expensive Japanese beef known for its marbled fat and buttery flavor. There are only three sandwiches to choose from at the restaurant, and they are not cheap.

Don Wagyu's menu includes the Washugyu, featuring American Wagyu sourced from California and aged 30 days in-house for $28; the A5 Miyazaki, a fatty and tender kobe beef for $75; and the restaurant's most expensive option, the Ozaki, a rare Wagyu aged 36 months and sourced from a single farm in Japan, which goes for a whopping $180.

"Ozaki beef refers to beef from Wagyu cattle raised on a single farm in Miyazaki Prefecture," executive chef Samuel Clonts tells CNBC Make It. "The cows are raised to nearly 36 months instead of the typical 28 months, and only five cattle are shipped to the U.S. each month. This is the highest grade of Wagyu beef coming from Japan, making it incredibly rich and tender."

All five cattle shipped to the U.S. are exclusive to the restaurant.

The Ozaki steak sandwich is made with five ounces of the Wagyu beef and served on thick pieces of "pain de mie," soft white bread, with a housemade Japanese steak sauce that includes onions, ginger and garlic cooked with Japanese ingredients sake, mirin (a type of Japanese rice wine), tamari (a variety of soy sauce) and black vinegar.

The Ozaki beef is fatty and tender, juicy and aromatic, with little texture for chew, and its served pink. It's also served in a wooden box you can keep.

The sandwich comes with fries sprinkled with seasoned salt and nori, an edible seaweed, and a pickle.

Don Wagyu sells 200 sandwiches a day or until they run out.

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