With job openings at record highs, here's how to keep employees from quitting

Why employees quit their job, according to LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner

Employees and managers shouldn't be too cavelier about their workers these days. Wage growth and low unemployment are fueling confidence, and the amount of job openings are at record highs. The amount of workers that left positions voluntarily, or the "quits" rate, hit 3.6 million, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, marking the highest percentage since April 2001. That's because job-hopping is on the rise.

Jeff Weiner, LinkedIn's chief executive, weighed in on how to keep employees engaged and happy while under your management. He stressed that employees aren't necessarily leaving their job, they're leaving a manager with whom they lack a sense of connection.

"I think having a manager that cares about you and is doing everything in their power to set you up to be successful is what everyone is looking for to some extent," says Weiner.

Watch the video above to find out what Weiner says is absolutely critical to creating an environment where employees want to stay and thrive.

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