These are the 25 most attractive start-ups to work for in Brazil, according to LinkedIn

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Start-ups in the logistics, retail and legal industries all present exciting opportunities for workers in Brazil. But it's disruptive firms in the financial services industry that are proving most attractive to employees, according to new research from LinkedIn.

In a ranking of the top 25 start-ups to work for in Brazil this year, the professional services network found that five-year-old fintech start-up NuBank leads the way, drawing in staff with its fresh take on financial services. That's something that's proved especially desirable in a country with a wealth spectrum as wide as Brazil's.

CNBC Make It takes a look at the full list of Brazil's 25 most attractive start-ups this year.

Promotional image for Brazilian fintech start-up Nubank.

25. MODERN Logistics

Global headcount: 157

Headquarters: Jundiai

Modern Logistics provides airfreight logistics services, as well as ground transportation and warehouse facilities, within Brazil. The young company currently has a fleet of three freighter aircraft, which it intends to build out to 18 by 2021.

24. Contabilizei

Global headcount: 205

Headquarters: Curitiba

Contabilizei provides tax filing and accounting services for 5,000 small and medium-sized businesses across 30 Brazilian cities. Launched in 2013, the business now has a staff of more than 200 and an additional office in Sao Paulo.


Global headcount: 383

Headquarters: Curitiba

Six-year-old Brazilian fintech company EBANX provides cross-border payment services for e-commerce merchants across eight countries in Latin America.


Global headcount: 360

Headquarters: Sao Paulo

Women's clothing site AMARO says it puts technology at the heart of everything it does. Launched in 2012, the growing company has opened 13 high street outlets across four major Brazilian cities, but it continues to incorporate tech functions into the physical shopping experience. For instance, customers can scan items in-store and browse entire collections on their phone.

21. Geru

Global headcount: 117

Headquarters: Sao Paulo

Three-year-old Geru is a Sao Paulo-based fintech company that provides loans at rates it says are lower than those offered by traditional banks. The start-up is striving to create a diverse company culture and notes that the majority of its management positions are held by women.

20. Rock Content

Global headcount: 340

Headquarters: Belo Horizonte

Rock Content is a Brazilian content marketing company based in Belo Horizonte. With a core staff of 340, and a network of 20,000 copywriters, it supports small businesses by assisting with their text, video and social media content. After seeing company revenues double in 2017, the start-up launched its first international office in Mexico.

19. Nibo

Global headcount: 105

Headquarters: Rio de Janiero

Nibo is a communication platform for small and medium-sized businesses and their accountants. Launched in 2012, the business doubled its headcount last year and is currently on the lookout for more managers.

18. ContaAzul

Global headcount: 370

Headquarters: Joinville

Financial services firm ContaAzul aims to help simplify business processes by assisting with tasks such as invoice issuance. After receiving an investment of over $24 million this year, the six-year-old start-up has plans to expand its headcount to 500 by the end of 2018.

17. Vindi

Global headcount: 100

Headquarters: Sao Paulo

Five-year-old fintech Vindi helps businesses with their payment systems. The Sao Paulo-based firm has expanded rapidly in recent years, absorbing three other fintech start-ups: Smartbill, Easy Accept and Fast Notes.

16. Mercado Bitcoin

Global headcount: 102

Headquarters: Sao Paulo

Mercado Bitcoin is a digital platform for buying and selling bitcoin. After experiencing a volatile ride with cryptocurrencies last year, the business underwent a restructure and now plans to invest heavily in doubling its IT and information security headcount.

15. MindMinders

Global headcount: 48

Headquarters: Sao Paulo

Research company MindMinders provides insights for businesses, particularly in the marketing space. Working closely with MeSeems, a social network for opinion sharing, the start-up can draw on insights from more than 500,000 people to provide real-time insights.

14. Beblue

Global headcount: 427

Headquarters: Ribeirao Preto

Beblue is a cashback start-up that gives users a percentage of their money back on purchases made via its platform. In its two years since launch, the young business has grown quickly, amassing a team of more than 400.

13. Mandae

Global headcount: 102

Headquarters: Sao Paulo

Logistics company Mandae is using technology to make delivery services more efficient and cost effective for small and medium-sized businesses. Through its platform, users can arrange and monitor shipments and reduce costs by as much as 50 percent.

12. Zoop

Global headcount: 85

Headquarters: Rio de Janiero

Financial services company Zoop helps companies receive, process and manage payments through its digital platform. Having recently received an investment of more than $18 million from mobile commerce company Movile, Zoop now plans to increase its headcount by 50 percent in the coming months.

11. MaxMilhas

Global headcount: 245

Headquarters: Belo Horizonte

MaxMilhas is a flight booking site that allows users to buy airline tickets and trade air miles. The tech start-up has grown quickly in its six years and now boasts 900,000 registered users and a headcount of 245. In the coming year, the company plans to open up 100 new staff positions.

10. Hotmart

Global headcount: 315

Headquarters: Belo Horizonte

Internet company Hotmart provides a platform for users to sell and deliver digital products such as online courses, ebooks, videos and software. With an ever-expanding presence in Latin America, the company has recently set its sights on expansion outside of the continent, targeting Madrid and Amsterdam.

9. Sky.One Cloud Solutions

Global headcount: 75

Headquarters: Sao Paulo

Sky.One supports business with their cloud computing services. Founded by a group of IT experts in 2013, the business has grown in the last five years to a team of 75. However, a recent investment of more than $5 million by Invest Tech will see the company boost its headcount in the coming months.

8. Loggi

Global headcount: 380

Headquarters: Sao Paulo

Loggi provides delivery services within five of Brazil's most congested cities. Those services can range from the transportation of documents to companies to the delivery of food to restaurants. By July 2019, the business aims to launch in 13 more cities and expand its headcount by an additional 250.

7. CargoX

Global headcount: 250

Headquarters: Sao Paulo

CargoX uses machine learning and technology to support truck drivers and reduce inefficiencies on Brazil's famously congested roads. Having received investment from Goldman Sachs and Qualcomm Ventures, the fast-growing start-up plans to hire 350 more staff by next summer.

6. QuintoAndar

Global headcount: 350

Headquarters: Sao Paulo

QuintoAndar is an app to improve communication and facilitate payments between landlords and renters. With support from high-profile backers, the business plans to expand its network of 12 offices and double its headcount in 2019.

5. Stone Pagamentos

Global headcount: 1,950+

Headquarters: Sao Paulo

Tech company Stone Pagamentos helps entrepreneurs and small businesses with their digital payment systems. Following the successful listing of its competitor, PagSeguro, the company has set its sights on going public on the New York Stock Exchange soon.

4. Docket

Global headcount: 95

Headquarters: Sao Paulo

Legal technology start-up Docket provides a platform to help entrepreneurs manage and analyze their legal documents. In the past year, the two-year-old company's headcount has quadrupled. Over the coming months, that hiring spree is set to continue with the business on the hunt for tech, product and sales professionals.

3. GuiaBolso

Global headcount: 192

Headquarters: Sao Paulo

IT start-up GuiaBolso is on a mission to help Brazilians take better control of their finances by providing a series of free-to-use money management tools. Launched in Sao Paulo in 2012, the six-year-old start-up claims to be the country's most downloaded financial control app.

2. Creditas

Global headcount: 468

Headquarters: Sao Paulo

Creditas is a digital lending platform that claims to offer low interest rates in a country often dogged by high repayment charges. Headquartered in Sao Paulo, the growing business has built out quickly in its six years to a current headcount of 468.

1. Nubank

Global headcount: 1,111

Headquarters: Sao Paulo

Nubank, a digital bank and credit card operator, aims to reboot the outdated banking industry in Latin America with what it describes as "bleeding-edge technology, design and data." According to its LinkedIn page, the five-year-old company currently boasts four million active users and has received 16 million requests for its new 100 percent free-of-charge credit card. While the majority of Nubank's team is based in its Sao Paulo headquarters, the business also has an engineering hub in Berlin.

To be considered for this year's list, companies needed to be privately held, be in operation for seven years old or less, and have 50 or more employees. LinkedIn then looked at the activity of its more than 500 million users to factor in employee growth, job seeker interest and engagement with the company on the professional network, as well as how well the upstarts were able to attract talent away from the established players on LinkedIn's Top Companies list.

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