These are the top 10 workplace struggles employees face in 2018

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Hate your boss, your job and your coworkers? You're not alone. These very struggles topped LinkedIn's latest list of workplace struggles.

The career networking site recently polled more than 1,000 professional adults on their challenges at work. It turns out dealing with people and tasks concerned workers most.

At least one in three said they struggled with managing workloads and finding balance. Nearly as many struggled with office politics, coworkers and managers.

Many just wanted more from their jobs or careers. Around 22 percent said they struggled with growing their career. Approximately the same percent wanted to be more passionate about the job they did.

Nearly 4 in 5 admitted to career regrets and many of those regrets echoed the survey's top challenges. For instance, around a third said they wished they'd achieved work-life balance.

And while one in five felt disengaged, around the same share said they they wished they'd pursued a dream job or leadership opportunity. Many wished they'd connected more with other employees and created a support system or network.

Another huge regret? Not asking for help. It's a common issue in the workplace, says Stanford Graduate School of Business lecturer Leah Weiss. People can struggle to cope with any number of stresses, from issues at home to overwhelming work demands. "We're simply not communicating these problems," Weiss tells CNBC Make It.

Weiss warns that by holding everything in, people will "drive themselves into the ground."

Most importantly, says Weiss, don't feel you need to follow some outdated notion of communicating at work. There's no reason to try to pretend you've got it together when you actually don't.

"You're way better off as a leader or the person who's trying to become a leader by surfacing issues sooner, asking for support and being a person who can manage up."

"You should be courageous," says Weiss.

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